Yuki Negishi – Melanie Spanswick

Today’s guest writer is no stranger to my blog; Japanese pianist Yuki Negishi has written many articles chronicling her pianistic journey to date and you can read them in my Blog Archives, under Guest Post Series. In this post, she describes her most recent project; the recording of her new album, Enigma. I’m both honored … Read more

11 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Black Country Singers

Since its emergence in the early 20th century, traditional country music has been predominantly white — both as performers and the listening audience’s demographic. But in recent years, that stereotype has long been gone as African-American artists broke through the country music mainstream to make names for themselves. Some helped establish the genre, while others … Read more

14 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Alto Singers

From the earliest days of music history, alto singers have graced our ears with easy-listening tunes and sing-along quality music. Nestled between the tenor and the soprano vocal ranges, the alto voice type sits in the middle of the road. Alto singers are primarily female, although they come from all styles of music and backgrounds. … Read more